BINST ARCHITECTS, formerly Crepain Binst Architecture, stands for 45 years of experience and expertise, combined with an actual and dynamic approach that as a 50-person team is focused on the strong evolutions in the building medium and contemporary models of cooperation. As ‘architects of tomorrow’ we want to commit to innovative ways of working, optimised working environment and a reinforced infrastructure which is beyond contemporary, at our new artistic address in the Luikstraat 7 in Antwerp. An address that is expanded and enriched with B brand, a design studio, B 7, a venue for cross-over events, and B scene, an art platform where international art and architecture interweave (corner of Luikstraat - Cockerillkaai).

With a broad interest, a multidisciplinary portfolio and a strong mix in scale and budget of our commissions, we stand for the performative, expert guidance and supervision of all your building ambitions from an implemented all-round approach with an own broad signature.

As an architect it is our daily task to widely sensitize urban ideas and architecture as the future handles par excellence towards housing, working and cultural living of the future, in short as medium towards modern society. More and more the things around us are entwined and the experience is central! BINST ARCHITECTS wants to shape and express this degree of quality experience from the very beginning, therefore at the project brief, in dialogue with our clients, all building partners, the city and her inhabitants.

We write Architecture and Ambition with a capital letter because of our continuous aim and the concern for carrying out our projects ambitiously, professionally and realistic substantiated. As multidisciplinary bureau we represent a broad spectrum of projects from human design to city design, which brings us closer to the essence and operation of a highly dynamic top office with a wide range of possibilities and an artistic presence.

Andreas Porreye, Andries Daniels, Anke Vandenbempt, Bas Van Der Horst, Behzad Talebi, Ben Depuydt, Caro Vermeiren, Cindy Hens, Dirk Engelen, Dirk Hendriks, Edwin Remmerie, Enak Baert, Evi Van Schooneveld, Frederic Maurel, Gitte Anthonissen, Guy Mertens, Jan Geerts, Jasper De Roover, Joke Verstraete, Kenn Van Overveld, Kyra Van Dorst, Laure Denis, Liesbeth De Bock, Lotte De Witte, Luc Binst, Luc Reyn, Mathieu Cieters, Melissa Janssens, Mitra Rostami Gorji, Nick Verbeeck, Paul Van Den Bergh, Peggy De Bock, Petra Van Alsenoy, Philippe Vincke, Philippe De Pauw, Robert Osinga, Roxanne Delbaen, Ruth Poppe, Sebastien Delagrange, Sigrid Hubloux, Slavica Bosnjak, Stefan Schoonderbeek, Stephane Van Eester, Steven De Paepe, Sven van Loon, Thomas Cornelis, Vincent Kaptein, Ward Lagrain, Wim Heyninck, Zeno Claes
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